Woozie Hang 吴紫航

About Me

I am an undergraduate of Department of Computer Science and Technology in Nanjing University, with a GPA of (86/100). From the fall of 2021, I will be studying for a PhD in the Software Institute of Nanjing University under the guidance of Xiaoxing Ma and Jingwei Xu. My research interests are deep learning and software engineering.

Teaching Assistant

  • Algorithms Design & Analysis (NJU, CS, Spring 2021)

Academic Awards

  • 2016, Second Prize, National High School Students Physics Competition in Anhui Division
  • 2018-2019, Third Prize, People Schoolarship in NJU
  • 2019-2020, Third Prize, People Schoolarship in NJU

Chinese Chess Award

  • 2017, Second Place, “Qi Lin Cai Zi” Cup Competition in NJU
  • 2019, Rank 5th of “Jiu Ye Qi Wang” Cup Chess Competition in Chizhou, Anhui
  • 2020, Second Place, Six Provinces College Chess Invitational Tournament.
  • 2020, Champion of “You Yi” Cup Chess Competition in NJU

Personal Skills

  • Solid mathematical and physical foundation, such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis Methods, Mathematical Modeling Methods, General Physics, Discrete Mathematics, Information Theory, Combinatorial Mathematics, Matrix Theory, Optimization, Statistical Computing, Nonparametric Analysis, etc.
  • Strong professional competence, such as Data Structure, Computer System, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Operating System, Computer Network, Compiling Principle, Software Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Database Principle, Linux Programming, Computer Graphics, Big Data, Graphs, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Graph Theory, etc.
  • Familiar with multiple programming languages, such as C、C++、Qt、Java、Python、Pyqt、Pytorch、Matlab、R、Mysql、Html、JavaScript、Latex、Markdown、Verilog、Assembly, etc.
  • Great language skills, CET-4: 565, CET6: 517
  • Wide range of other interests, such as Chinese Chess, Motor Vehicles Driving License, Management, Philosophy, Law, History, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Logic, Geology, Sociology, Chinese Literature, Economics, Biomedicine

Association Experience

  • 2018-2019, Director of Activities of NJU Youyi Chess Club
  • 2019-2020, President of NJU Youyi Chess Club
  • 2018-2021, Member of Nanjing College Chess League

Social Practice

  • 2018, Nan Xing Dream Plan, Back to High School to Preach
  • 2018, Research on Wetland Conservation, Chizhou, Anhui
  • 2019, Research on Progress of Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas, Chaohu, Anhui

Business Experience

  • 2017-2019, Tutor of High School Math and Physics
  • 2019-2021, Bilibili Original Author, Chess We-media Person
  • 2020-2021, Lecturer of Nanjing Chess Academy

Contact Details

  • Email: 401986905@qq.com
  • Github: WoozieHang