Woozie Hang 吴紫航

About Me

I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science and Technology from Nanjing University in 2021. From the fall of 2022, I will be studying for a MA.Sc in the Center for Intelligent Photonics of Shanghai Jiaotong University under the guidance of Qingwen Liu. My research topic is data processing of distributed fiber optic sensor signal.

Education Background

  • 2017.9-2021.7, B.Sc., Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University
    • GPA: 86/100, Ranked in the top 45%
    • Graduation thesis: Research on Confidence Correction Method Based on Deep Neural Network
    • Teaching assistant: Algorithms Design & Analysis (NJU, CS, Spring 2021)

Research Experience

  • 2020.9-2021.6, Research intern in Institute of Computer Software, Nanjing University
    • My research direction was the OOD detection problem faced by deep models in the open complex world, and I carried out the work of paper reproduction and algorithm optimization

Internship Experience

  • 2022.1-2022.8, C/C++ intern in China telecom quantum technology co., LTD.

Student Work Experience

  • 2018-2019, Director of Activities of NJU Youyi Chess Club
  • 2019-2020, President of NJU Youyi Chess Club
  • 2018-2021, Member of Nanjing College Chess League

Social Practice Experience

  • 2018, Nan Xing Dream Plan, Back to High School to Preach
  • 2018, Research on Wetland Conservation, Chizhou, Anhui
  • 2019, Research on Progress of Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas, Chaohu, Anhui

Part-time Experience

  • 2017-2019, Tutor of High School Math and Physics
  • 2019-now, Bilibili Original Author, Chess We-media Person
  • 2020-2021, Lecturer of Nanjing Chess Academy

Academic Awards

  • 2016, Second Prize, National High School Students Physics Competition in Anhui Division
  • 2018-2019, Third Prize, People Schoolarship in NJU
  • 2019-2020, Third Prize, People Schoolarship in NJU

Chinese Chess Awards

  • 2017, Second Place, "Qi Lin Cai Zi" Cup Competition in NJU
  • 2019, Rank 5th of "Jiu Ye Qi Wang" Cup Chess Competition in Chizhou, Anhui
  • 2020, Second Place, Six Provinces College Chess Invitational Tournament.
  • 2020, Champion of "You Yi" Cup Chess Competition in NJU
  • 2022, Rank 5th of the first "Yue Yue Le" Chess Competition in Chizhou, Anhui
  • 2022, First Prize of "Taiwan Strait Youth Festival" Cup National College Students' chess network team game
  • 2022, Rank 5th of the second "Yue Yue Le" Chess Competition in Chizhou, Anhui
  • 2022, Rank 6th of the "Tong Cheng You Yi" Cup Chess Open Competition in Tongcheng, Anqing
  • 2022, Rank 1st of the third "Yue Yue Le" Chess Competition in Chizhou, Anhui

Personal Skills

  • Programming Language
    • Python、C、C++、Java、Matlab、R、Assembly、Verilog
  • Framework
    • Pytorch、Pyqt、Qt、MFC、Android
  • Tools
    • Git、SQL、Latex

Contact Details

  • Email: 401986905@qq.com
  • Github: WoozieHang